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2014 Uncirculated 28 Coins Mint Set
2014 14 Coins U.S. Proof Set
2014 Proof American Silver Eagle
2014 Proof PCGS Silver Eagle
2014 BU American Silver Eagle

1916-D Key Date PCGS Dime

1856 Key Date PCGS Flying Eagle

1889-CC Key PCGS Morgan

1928 Key Date PCGS Peace Dollar

1893-S Key Date PCGS Morgan

Key 1909-S VDB PCGS Lincoln

PCGS Mint State Flying Eagles

PCGS Mint State Indian Cents

PCGS Mint State Lincoln Cents

PCGS Mint State Large Cents

PCGS Mint State Bust Halves

Mint State PCGS Trade Dollars

PCGS Mint State Morgan Dollars

PCGS Mint State Peace Dollars

Certified 70 PCGS Silver Eagles
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